Andrew Cook

At 47 I was fit , busy at work and a busy dad to my 3 kids. I never dreamed of what was about to unfold. I had a cause to have a blood test for something and my GP thought it would be a good idea to have a PSA done since I had not had one previously. That blood test turned out to save my life. After seeing my GP  to get the results, I was sent to see a urologist ASAP due to an elevated PSA. I  saw my urologist  24 hours later and along with the physical examination, he recommended I have a prostate biopsy. I didn’t hesitate. A couple of weeks later I had the biopsy, the result being a Gleason Score of 7 .

I waited the 6 weeks between the biopsy and surgery thanking my lucky stars that I have a great GP, as I never considered being tested. On July 4th 2016, I underwent a radical prostatectomy, using the open method. My stay in hospital was only 3 nights and didn’t find the surgery to be overly painful. Most importantly the final pathology result , although showing extensive involvement  and one positive node, confirmed no spread. The most challenging aspect of the entire journey was the urinary incontinence, which was fortunately by 10 weeks post op had resolved 100%. As I look back now, although it was frightening finding out, it would have been far more frightening finding out too late. I’ll now be around for a long time , with my kids still having their dad!!

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