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Andrew Cook

At 47 I was fit , busy at work and a busy dad to my 3 kids. I never dreamed of what was about to unfold. I had a cause to have a blood test for something and my GP thought it would be a good idea to have a PSA done since I had not had one previously. That blood test turned out to save my life. After seeing my GP  to get the results, I was sent to see a urologist ASAP due to an elevated PSA. I  saw my urologist  24 hours later and along with the physical examination, he recommended I have a prostate biopsy. I didn’t hesitate. A couple of weeks later I had the biopsy, the result being a Gleason Score of 7 .

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Paul Martell


Comedian Paul Martell tells us about his not so funny fight with Prostate Cancer.

How did you discover you had Prostate Cancer and at what age did it effect you?

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Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn success coach, counsellor, author, instructor and keynote speaker has spoken to audiences of more than 6,000 and over a 30 year career taught 100,000 people. If you thought public speaking scared you imagine when Paul faced Prostate Cancer, a radical prostatectomy and 6-7 hours under the knife, he became a regular bloke frightened by the prospect of death. It was at 52 he agreed with his wife, “that it is time to take some of my own advice.

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David Elia


Prostate Cancer Survivor at 42

The statistics say that you should have a regular check for Prostate Cancer from the age of 50. David Elia CEO of HostPlus was both healthy and active with no sign of ill health, however at the age of 42 he defied the statistics and discovered he had Prostate Cancer.

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Stan Norman

The first time I had really known anything about prostate cancer was following our move from Doncaster to Anglesea during 2001. The home we purchased was situated two doors up from Ted (jnr) and Pam Whitten and it was meeting these two wonderful people that, indirectly, probably saved my life.

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My name is Franco. I’m 49 and was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in October 2011.

I had a robotic assisted radical prostatectomy at Peter Mac Hospital in March of this year. Since then I’ve recovered well with no side effects that usually follow this type of surgery. I’m back riding my push bike, running and keeping fit. During the past football season I coached Under 9’s in Rowville and am also a keen footballer.

I would love to play in the Legends Game as I think I am a good example that Prostate Cancer is not an old man’s disease. I put up the argument that it can strike you in your forties but with early diagnosis and a positive frame of mind, you can beat the disease. Be vigilant about your Prostate even if you are under 50 and GET TALKING TO YOUR GP.

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