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Monash University Prostate Cancer Win

The EJ Whitten Foundation is proud to support the Monash University and the fantastic work it does in endeavouring to make significant breakthrough to this insidious disease.

We provide an E.J. Whitten Foundation Grant each year and have contributed over $1,000,000 to Monash over the years. These contributions have helped the brilliant people at Monash to continue to develop best practice solutions to this disease, such as the breakthrough as details below.

A Melbourne led breakthrough may allow doctors to starve prostate cancers of the “fuel” they need to grow, effectively halving the rate at which the deadly disease can spread.

Having found prostate cancer cells feed on fatty acids, the University of Melbourne and Monash University – led team is developing drugs to block those acids.

While other types of cancer rely on glucose to grow, a six-year international study revealed prostate cancer cells instead sought out and consumed fatty acids Monash’s Prof Renea Taylor said her team was now turning to “smart chemistry’ to refine the drugs to target only the prostate in hope of offering a future treatment.

“Although we are not saying this is a cure for prostate cancer, we can see there are some great advantages to a therapeutic that can slow the growth of the cancer”, she said.

“The first is to slow the progression for the patient so the oncologist has more time to come back with more effective therapy.

This would be a combination therapy – the cancer is going to be more vulnerable if we are slowing its growth with metabolic therapies. A combination approach might also allow us to use lower doses or current treatments and reduce the impact on the patient as well as prolonging survival.”

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