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Donations to the E.J. Whitten Foundation can save lives

With 3 days remaining until the end of the 2016-17 financial year, you can contribute to the health and well-being of Australian men and Australian families in general by making a tax deductible donation to the E.J. Whitten Foundation.

The Foundation supports men’s health through awareness programs and raising funds towards prostate cancer research and treatment.

Donations to the E.J. Whitten Foundation of $2 or more are tax deductible and any donations made this week can be claimed immediately by donors in their 2016-17 tax return.

Men’s health is an important issue with many men being reluctant to talk about health issues or get a simple health check that includes a check for diabetes, cholesterol level, blood pressure and prostate cancer.

Hundreds of men’s lives have been saved as a result of attending an E.J. Whitten Foundation event and subsequently getting a health check. This has identified a health issue and allowed the men to treat it early and continue to lead a healthy and active life to the fullest extent.

Men have a higher incidence and mortality from all 10 leading cancers that affect both sexes but still men are reluctant to get a simple health check. The Foundation continues to grow awareness and raise funds for research and your help will greatly assist us.

We are calling on philanthropists, corporates, mums and dads to make a tax deductible donation this week to help raise funds for awareness campaigns and research. The beneficiaries will not only be those men whose lives are potentially saved but the kids, partners, family and friends of the men who lead a healthier lifestyle as a consequence.

The E.J. Whitten Foundation has raised over $11 million for men’s health and prostate cancer research. With your help we can grow the Foundation and continue our work on building awareness of men’s health and raising funds for research with the ultimate aim of saving lives and getting Australian men to lead a healthy and full life.

To donate please visit our website and click on DONATE.


Even if you cannot donate at this time, we ask that you use the EOFY as an opportunity to book in an annual health check at your local GP.

For further information please contact the E.J. Whitten Foundation at

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