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The E.J. Whitten Legends Game is our major annual event which brings together a selection of football greats, celebrities and media personalities to play under the banners of Victoria and the All-Stars. The event builds on the traditional interstate rivalry matches between Victoria and the South Australian ‘Croweaters’, which Mr Football (EJ) played in, loved and created such brilliant contests within. The annual match started back in 1995 at the Whitten Oval, before outgrowing this venue and moving to its new home at Etihad Stadium, where it has been since 2003. Victoria leads the win-loss ledger at 10 – 9, with one draw.

2016 represents our first year with new broadcast partners Channel 7, Foxtel/Fox Footy and Telstra, the host broadcasters of the AFL Premiership season , and is sure to be a blockbuster. This partnership will provide us with the ability to incorporate a closer AFL flavour and more talent into the line-ups. As the 4th highest TV audience AFL match each year, the Legends Game is a brilliant showcase for our cause and to push our key men’s health messages.

E.J Whitten Legend’s Game Results

1996 All Stars 13.9 (87) d Victoria 10.13 (73) Mark Mickan (AS)
1997 Victoria 10.11 (71) d All Stars 7.10 (52) Dermott Brereton (Vic)
1998 Victoria 8.6 (54) d All Stars 7.10 (52) Danny Frawley ( Vic)
1999 All Stars 8.8 (56) d Victoria 7.12 (54) Michael Conlan (AS)
2000 Victoria 6.2 (38) drew with All Stars 5.8 (38) Simon Atkins ( AS)
2001* All Stars 7.5 (47) d Victoria 6.11 (47) John Platten ( AS)
2002 All Stars 10.8 (68) d Victoria 10.3 (63) Troy Luff ( AS)
2003 ** Victoria 1. 10.7 (76) d All Stars 3.6.12 (75) Ang Christou ( Vic)
2004 All Stars 1.12.4 (85) d Victoria 3.7.7 (76) Scott Cummings ( AS)
2005 Victoria 3.9.6 (87) d All Stars 0.10.9 (69) John Platten ( AS)
2006 Victoria 1.15.8 (107) d All Stars 5.7.15 (102) Justin Murphy ( Vic)
2007 All Stars 0.13.7 (85) d Victoria 1.9.7 (70) Tony Liberatore ( Vic)
2008 All Stars 1.11.15 (80) d Victoria 1.10.9 (78) Darryl White ( AS)
2009 Victoria 0.13.9 (87) d All Stars 0.11.6 (72) Bryan Strauchan ( Vic)
2010 All Stars 2.11.7 (91) d Victoria 0.12.12 (84) Sam Newman ( Vic)
2011 Victoria 4.12.3 (111) d All Stars 2.14.7 (109) Brodie Holland ( AS)
2012 Victoria 1.15.3 (102) d All Stars 2.12.6 (96) Brendan Fevola ( Vic)
2013 Victoria 1.11.10 (85) d All Stars 0.12.7 (79) Matthew Lloyd ( Vic)
2014 Victoria 0.15.6 (96) d All Stars 2.10.10 (88) Matthew Lloyd ( Vic)
2015 All Stars 2.11.11 (95) d Victoria 0.11.5 (71) Shane Crawford
2016 *** Victoria 1.23.9(156) d All Stars 2.18.16 (142) Barry Hall ( Vic)

* All Stars won in a kick off
** Super Goal Introduced ( nine points for a goal kicked outside 50 m)
*** Victoria won in a kick off

E.J Whitten Legend’s Game 2016 Players

Victoria - Players

Cameron Ling
Heath Scotland
Lindsay Gilbee
Anthony Koutoufides
Scott West
Jude Bolton
Brad Johnson
Campbell Brown
Jonathan Brown
Dermott Brereton
Barry Hall
Chris Johnson
Paul Licuria
Damian Monkhorst
Joe Misiti
Wayne Schwass
Mick Martyn
Brent Guerra
Tony Liberatore
Ang Christou
Joel Smith
Brad Sewell
Ben Johnson
Daniel Bradshaw
Nigel Lappin
Paul Chapman
Steven Baker
Chris Tarrant
Adem Yze
Chris Newman

Victoria - Coaches

Senior coach - Tim Watson
Assistant coach - Danny Frawley
Assistant coach - Robert DiPierdomenico

All Stars - Players

Daniel Southern
Richard Champion
Karl Langdon
Andrew McLeod
Wayne Carey
Cameron Mooney
Matthew Richardson
Lewis Roberts-Thomson
Abbey Holmes
Paul Duffield
Andrew Embley
Mark Williams
Luke McPharlin
Nick Holland
Scott Cummings
Kane Cornes
Peter Bell
Jason Akermanis
Kym Koster
Troy Luff
Ashley McGrath
Martin Pike
Tadhg Kennelly
Mark Bickley
Peter Matera
Shaun Smith
Jason Porplyzia
Aaron Davey
Chad Cornes
Tony Modra

All Stars - Coaches

Senior coach - Mark Ricciuto
Assistant coach - Graham Cornes
Assistant coach - Neil Kerley

2016 Legend's Game photos

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