The E.J. Whitten Foundation is governed by the Fundraising Act 1998 (“the Act”). The public disclosure conditions imposed on the Foundation’s fundraising registration are as follows:

1. The total fees, charges and expenses paid by the fundraiser for fundraising appeals it conducts in Victoria for any person or entity, shall not exceed 65% of the total funds raised in such appeals.

2. That the fundraiser prominently identifies in all solicitations to prospective donors that not more than 35% of the donations made to the fundraiser, go to the nominated beneficiaries, and

3. That the fundraiser clearly labels any and all the products offered for sale by or on behalf of the fundraiser, with a statement that not more than 35% of the purchase price of such products will go to the nominated beneficiaries.
Section 25 of the Act states that appeals must be conducted in accordance with conditions imposed on the registration.

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